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Tamara Rewse has worked as a director, puppeteer, puppet maker and performer in puppet and visual theatre since 1997.

As a performer and puppeteer Tamara has worked for some of Australia's leading companies creating theatre for young audiences. Most recently these include Windmill Theatre (BEEP/GRUG/HICCUP!), Windmill Pictures (BEEP AND MORT ABC TV), Lemony S Theatre (Picasso and His Dog, Taking the Waters), Everybody Now (The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair), Arena Theatre Company (Mr. Freezy), Black Hole Theatre (COOP) and is a lead artist at Polyglot Theatre (TOTEMS, Tangle, We Built this City and City of Riddles, Tangle Weave, Forest Feast, Mungari Wilcha, First on the Ladder).

For almost 15 years Tamara has worked for Windmill Theatre making all of their puppets and assisting as a puppetry consultant and puppet director, (BEEP AND MORT ABC TV, BEEP, GRUG & GRUG and the Rainbow, Pinocchio, School Dance, Escape to Peligro Island) and performing in many of their most popular shows. (BEEP, GRUG & GRUG and the Rainbow.) She has more recently been working as rehearsal director for the remounting of many of their touring shows notably the 10 year anniversary of GRUG.

Tamara is a core founding member of the award winning object puppetry group Men of Steel (Hard Rubbish & Men of Steel), voted 2007 Top 7 shows for Children-Time Out UK & 2006 Melbourne Comedy Festival Directors Award

Her skills also include making props and puppets for film, television and theatre. Film and Television Credits include: The Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader(2009), Fury Road (2010), Eye of the Storm(2010) and Elephant Princess(2009)

In 2020 Tamara founded Puppet making company Things of Foam and Wood with long time colleague Hamish Fletcher. Things of Foam and Wood specialise in making egonomic touring puppets notably the puppets for BLUEYS BIG PLAY.




2004       Postgraduate Degree in Puppetry

               Victorian College of the Arts


1999       Bachelor of Arts (Drama and Contemporary Dance)

               Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

               Deakin University, Victoria

Feb-April 2024│BLUEYS BIG PLAY › Things of Foam and Wood for Andrew Kay and Associates - co-workshop Director

Jan- April 2024│Ada, Asmin and the Mechanical Engine › Lemony S- Designer

April -Sept 2023│TOTEMS› Polyglot Theatre - co artistic Director

May-Nov 2023│BLUEYS BIG PLAY › Things of Foam and Wood for Andrew Kay and Associates - co-workshop Director

June 2023│BEEP&MORT › Windmill Pictures/ABC TV - Puppet Director

April 2023│Grug and The Rainbow › Windmill Theatre - Rehearsal Director

April 2023│The Gardeners›  Things of Foam and Wood – Macedon Ranges Autumn Festival

Feb 2023│Imagine LIVE for Nicholas Clark Management› Things of Foam and Wood – Design and make

Nov 2022- Jan 2023│HICCUP!› Windmill Theatre – 2nd set of puppets make for touring show

Aug- Oct 2022│Trebuchet› Things of Foam and Wood/creative development – Maker/ Director

June 2022│Are we there yet? for CDP Things of Foam and Wood – Puppet maker

May- June 2022│Cicada › Barking Gecko - Things of Foam and Wood – Puppet maker

May- Aug 2022│BLUEYS BIG PLAY › Things of Foam and Wood – Remake and reskin

April 2022 │Ada, Asmin and the Mechanical Engine › Lemony S – Designer

Feb- April 2022 │The Gardeners › Things of Foam and Wood for Macedon Ranges Autumn Festival

Nov 2021 │BEEP AND MORT › Windmill Pictures/ABCTV – Puppet Director

Sept 2021 │BEEP AND MORT › Windmill Pictures/ABCTV – Puppet maker/ puppetry consultant

May 2021 │Thoughtaculture › Polyglot Theatre – Workshop artist

Jan- March 2021 │HICCUP! › Windmill Theatre – Puppet maker/ Puppetry consultant.


Nov 2020 │Ada, Asmin and the Analytical Engine › Lemony S – Designer


May 2020 │Creative Curriculum › Arts Centre Melbourne – Puppetry teacher


March 2020 │NEST (new work)› Polyglot Theatre – Director 


Feb 2020 │BEEP › Windmill Theatre – Rehearsal Director -


Oct -Nov 2019 │Taking the Waters › Polyglot Theatre –

                                                                               Puppeteer/ Puppet maker

Aug– Oct 2019 │Picasso and His Dog › Lemony S –

                                                                      Puppeteer/ Performer RAV Tour

Oct 2019 │ BEEP › Windmill Theatre – Rehearsal Director

April 2018 -Aug 2019 │First on the Ladder-Moree › Polyglot Theatre –

                                                                      Artist, Community Engagement

July 2019 │ BEEP › Windmill Theatre – Rehearsal Director

                                         (Arts Centre Melb and Syd Opera House Season)

Aug 2019 │Paper Planet - special schoools › PolyglotTheatre -  Artist

April, May, June 2019 │ Creative Classrooms › Arts Centre Melbourne –                                                                                                   Workshop Leader

April 2019 │Mungari Wilcha (Perth season) › Polyglot Theatre and the                                                                                   Tjanpi Desert Weavers – Artist

Jan 2019 │Invisible Orchestra › Polyglot Theatre with Invisible Orchestra –                                                                                                           Performer

 Oct – Nov 2018 │Paper Planet - special schools › Polyglot Theatre

Aug 2018 │The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, Whittlesea › EverybodyNow                                                                            Community liaison performer

Jun 2018 │The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair - Horsham ›EverybodyNow                                                                                                             Performer

Dec 2017-Jan 2018 │ VR Flower Installation › Google & Sandpit collab –                                                                                                                   Maker

Nov 2017 │Tjanpi Desert Weavers › Polyglot Theatre – Artist

Aug-Sept 2017 │ Grug and the Rainbow RAV tour › Windmill Theatre –                                                                                                               Performer

July 2017 │Tjanpi Desert Weavers › Polyglot Theatre – Artist

June-July 2017 │ BEEP › Windmill Theatre – Maker, Puppetry consultant

May-June 2017 │Grug and the Rainbow USA & Canada › Windmill Theatre                                                                                             Performer

April 2017 │ BEEP creative development › Windmill Theatre – Puppetry consultant

Feb 2017 │Paper Planet Shanghai › Polyglot Theatre – Artist

Nov 2016 │Tjanpi Weavers Collaboration › Polyglot Theatre – Artist

June-July 2016 │Picasso and His Dog › Lemony S – Puppeteer/ Performer

Jan 2016 │Tangle Weave › Polyglot Theatre at the Arts Centre Melbourne –                                                                                                           Performer

Oct 2015│Paper Planet › Polyglot Theatre at the Arts Centre Melbourne –

                                                                                     Artist/Workshop leader

July 2015 │Grug and The Rainbow › Windmill Theatre – Performer

Oct 2012-April 2013 │Tangle Weave › Polyglot Theatre – Artist/Facilitator

Nov  2013 │Picasso and his Dog › Lemony S – Performer/Puppeteer

April-Sept 2013 │Hard Rubbish › Men of Steel with The Malthouse Theatre                                                                            Devisor/Performer/Puppeteer

May 2012 │Pinocchio › Windmill Theatre Company – Puppet maker

Feb 2012 │Tangle › Polyglot Theatre – Performer

Feb 2012 │How to Train Your Dragon › DreamWorks  - Props Maker

Dec 2011-Jan 2012 │School Dance › Windmill Theatre – Puppet Maker

Oct 2011 │Morbid Porn › Skite Vikingr –La Mama - Writer/Performer

Oct 2011 │City of Riddles › Polyglot Theatre – Carriage Works Sydney 


Sept-Oct 2011 │Men of Steel › Men of Steel – RAV Tour - Puppeteer

Aug 2011 │Grug › Windmill Theatre – ACM & QPAC - Puppeteer

June-July 2011 │City of Riddles › Polyglot Theatre -RAVTour                                                                                                                 Performer/Puppeteer

May 2011 │House of Dreaming › Arena Theatre Company – Maker

Mar-Apr 2011 │City of Riddles › Polyglot Theatre – Collaborator/performer

March 2011 │Tangle › Polyglot Theatre – Collaborator & performer

Feb-March 2011 │Escape from Peligro Island › Windmill Theatre

                                                                                 Maker & design assistant

Jan 2011 │GRUG › Windmill Theatre – Maker

Aug-Dec 2010 │City Of Riddles › Polyglot Theatre – Puppeteer/maker

Aug 2010 │The Tent › Darwin Festival - Matt Prest and Collaborators


June-Aug 2010 │Mad Max 4 › Fox Studios Sydney - Costume props maker

June  2010 │Mr. Freezy › Sydney Theatre Company – Performer/Puppeteer

May  2010 │Eye of the Storm › Melb – Costume and dress making

April -May  2010 │Mr. Freezy › Arena Theatre Company – ACM – Puppeteer

Feb 2010 │Tamagotchi Tam › Adelaide Fringe Festival – Performer.

Jan 2010 │Mr Freezy › Pittsburgh, USA – IPAY – Performer/Puppeteer

December 2009 │ Grug › Windmill Theatre Adelaide - Maker

November  2009 │Men of Steel › Japan Tour – Kochi & Kanazawa –                                                                                                                      Puppeteer

Oct- November  2009 │ Mr Freezy  › Arena Theatre Company - Performer

Aug -Oct 2009 │ The Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader                                                                                           Maker Costume Props

July  2009 │ AFRICA My Darling Patricia  › Performer 2 weeks development

June–July  2009 │ Morbid Porn with Duda Paiva  › Melbourne Australia  -


Jan–May  2009 │ Glogauer Residency  › Berlin Germany  - Tuckerbag                                                                             Exhibited in Kunstraum Bethanian

July–October  2008 │ Mr Freezy  › Arena Theatre Company – Puppeteer

May 2008 │ Men of Steel › Singapore National Museum – Puppeteer

April 2008 │ COOP › UNIMA International Puppetry Festival, Perth,- 

                                                                       Black Hole Theatre - Performer

Apr 2008 │Men of Steel › UNIMA International Puppetry Festival-Puppeteer

April 2008 │ Men of Steel › Auckland Comedy Festival – Puppeteer

Mar 2008 │ Men of Steel › Adelaide Fringe Festival - Puppeteer

April 2008 │ COOP ›  Black Hole Theatre - Puppeteer/Performer

Nov 07- Jan 08 │ Men of Steel › London Soho Theatre – Puppeteer

October 2007 │ Men of Steel › China & Hong Kong  – Puppeteer

September 2007 │Men of Steel › Ireland  Dublin Fringe Festival

August 2007 │Men of Steel › Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival

April 2007│ Men of Steel On Holiday › Melbourne International Comedy Festival

March 2007│ Men of Steel › Adelaide Australia  Adelaide Fringe Festival

June 2006│Men of Steel On Holiday › Melbourne International Puppetry Festival

Sept 2006│Handspan Puppet Theatre Scholarship › Charleville Meziere International Festival of Puppetry

November 2006│ Schaubude Puppentheatre › Berlin Assistant to Director Sylvia Brendenal

April 2006│ Men of Steel › Melbourne International Comedy Festival Winner Festival Directors Award March 2006│The Human Layer › Adelaide Fringe Festival - Director, Producer, Puppeteer, Puppet maker

October 2005│The Human Layer › Melbourne Intl Fringe Festival Winner Most Visionary Work

March- 2005│ La Fontainne › Melbourne Australia PD with Petr Matasek (DRAK Cheque Republic)

April            The Amazing Kids Circus, › West Side Circus - Artistic Director

November2004│ Resonance › Victorian College of the Arts  -Puppeteer

Feb 1997-June 1998│ Recovery ABC TV › Co-Host / Content Researcher

December 1997│ Minds Eye › Handspan & Back to Back Theatre - Performer/Puppet Maker 

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